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About Us - Event Production Powerhouse

It’s All Been Arranged is an event production powerhouse. We have honed and developed the skills over decades to succeed in this specialised field. Our matched talent and experience is the formula for creating exceptional and successful events.

It's All Been Arranged

Partnering with It's All Been Arranged

A lot of work goes on behind-the-scenes. When an event goes off smoothly that’s the payoff for hours of planning and endless event order drafts. If something were to go wrong, you would expect to hear ‘What happened? Who is responsible?’

It’s All Been Arranged is charged with managing the flow of an event, in accordance with your vision, budget and expectation. Because of this, we are responsible for the success of your event and whilst it’s not honest to say everything follows our strict plan, the meticulous planning ensures that whatever curve balls are thrown, they are intercepted and controlled.

We coordinate with various suppliers and bodies to plan the event and identify resources that meet client standards and expectations. We also discuss progress updates with you and adjust plans to stick within budget, limitations, and timetables. We possess excellent communication and organisational skills, especially regarding interacting with suppliers and venues.

We create exceptional events that are memorable and brand-focussed.

Your guests expect the best. Your expectations and those of your clients, drive our creativity and collaborative design in theming, entertainment, audio visual and presentation.

It's All Been Arranged

Our Responsibilities

  • Manage post-event summation to determine successes, ROI, future enhancements, and follow-up communications.
  • Manage relationships including those between VIP guests, vendors and stake holders.
  • Oversee contract team of event contributors including various musicians, photographers, & DJ’s.
  •  Work as a team member to locate suitable venues and talent for dance events.
  •  Arrange food and beverage, order supplies and audiovisual equipment, order event signs, and ensure appropriate room setup onsite.
  • Manage and facilitate installation and provide technical guidance.
  • Show Day – Manage all show day production and technical direction responsibilities.