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Jeff Camilleri
Event Producer, Musician, Educator, Vocalist and Composer

Meet Jeff Camilleri, a genre-hopping musician with a passion for music that’s been evident since he was a teenager. At 13 years old, Jeff traded in his pots and pans for a real drum kit and played with his friends in a garage band. As he grew older, he dabbled with various instruments before settling on bass, honing his craft to a level that now sees him performing with some of Australia’s best acts.

From Pop Orchestras to Blues Bands, Jeff has toured Australia, supporting some of the country’s finest and performing at festivals such as Woodford, Manly Jazz, Thredbo Blues, Groundwater, Gympie & Tamworth Country Music Festivals. Jeff’s  teamed up with multi-award winning symphonic rock guitarists Mario Millo for occasional tours to Japan. Back home, Jeff is a touring musician for award winning singer/songwriter Graeme Conners.

In addition to performing for others, Jeff is also an avid songwriter and has his own group of talented musicians, Supa Brava, to showcase his vocal and songwriting abilities. His talent and work ethic have earned him an invitation to join the Royal Australian Air Force as a musician, where he has the opportunity to perform a wide array of genres including Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Ceremonial Music.

With an impressive playing history that includes live and studio performances with artists such as Graeme Connors, Jade Hurley, Mario Millo, Andrew Oh Band, Darlene Zschech, Melinda Schneider, Forever Diamonds-Peter Byrne, Windchase, Chris Cain, Doc Neeson, Steve Grace and Andy Sorenson, Jeff Camilleri is a musician to call on.


Creative Services

“Once a task is just begun, never leave it till it’s done. Be the labour great or small, do it well or not at all.” – Quincy Jones

Session Musician

An experienced musician who can learn the parts quickly and make any adjustments to fulfil the needs of you, your producer or recording artist you may be representing.

Buzz Band

Buzz Band is a premium event music solution. Dynamic and versatile, Buzz Band is a live music ensemble that delivers an electrifying performance at every event. 3-to-10-piece line ups that will elevate the energy and excitement of your occasion.

Event Production

It’s All Been Arranged is a team of experienced professionals that partner with you to design an event that aligns not only with with your business goals and values, but importantly, helps you create a lasting impression on your clients, partners, and employees.


While music is enjoyable, it also requires discipline and commitment. The perfect mentor for you is one who strikes a balance and instills a lifelong love of music.

Supa Brava

Supa Brava is a Sydney-based band that blends a diverse array of influences to create a unique sound. Their music can be described as “The Beatles meets Steely Dan with the guitars of Led Zeppelin.”

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